Reading Sample 6- DOES PHYSICAL ACTIVITY LEAD TO HIGH GRADES? (B1) (Short Reading)


READING SAMPLE 6- Does Physical Activity Lead to Higher Grades?

            There is no doubt to say that more years of school could help students get higher scores on intelligence tests. That was the finding of a study of teenage males in Norway. Now, other research shows that physical activity may help students do better in their classes.  The research comes as educators in some countries are reducing the time for activities like physical education. They are using the time instead of academic subjects like math and reading.

            The results of fourteen different studies which included more than fifty-five thousand children, ages six to eighteen have indicated a link between physical activity and scores on subjects such as math, English and reading.  Researcher Ms Singh offers some possible explanations. "There are, first, physiological explanations, like more blood flow, and so more oxygen to the brain. Being physically active means there are more hormones produced like endorphins. And endorphins make your stress level lower and your mood improved, which means you also perform better." she says.  Also, students involved in organized sports learn rules and how to follow them. This could improve their classroom behaviour and help them keep their mind on their work. Schools should consider that finding before they cut physical education programs.

 1. According to the paragraph 1, which of the following is true about the research related to the link between student's physical activities and their performance in academic subjects? 

  1. The authorities have taken the recent research into consideration.
  2. It comes from the educators in Norway.
  3. Today, educators do not give adequate importance to physical education. 
  4. Teachers have a crucial role in motivating students.

 2- Being physically active means _________________________ and ________________________.


3. Which of the following can Not be inferred about the role of being physically active?

  1. The more active students are the higher grades they get. 
  2. The students doing sport are likely to be tense.
  3. Physically active students can focus better on their lessons. 
  4. Physically active kids are more likely to do better in school.


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1. C

2. more blood flow, and more hormones produced like endorphins.

3. b

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