Reading Sample 1- THE AMAZON RAINFOREST (B2) (Short Reading)



The Amazon Rainforest

The Brazilian tropical forest in the Amazon Basin covers almost two million square miles and constitute about 35 percent of the complete world rainforests. Scientists believe such forests play an important role in controlling the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Plants also store carbon dioxide, which is released into the atmosphere when plants decompose or are burned. For this reason, environmental scientists are worried that clearing the tropical rainforest will cause a high increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. Some studies have put forward that a global rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide could cause a low warming of the planet in a phenomenon called the “greenhouse effect”. The tropical rainforests are also regarded as some of the world’s richest reservoirs of plant and animal life. Some researchers have estimated that the forests contain up half of all species of life, many of which have yet to be studied.


1- According to the text clearing of the rain forests __________.

a) will end up with a great change to the Amazon Basin.

b) may cause the global climate to change into a hotter climate.

c) causes all animals to become extinct before they’ve been studied.

d) in fact causes the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


2- We CANNOT infer that according to some studies, it’s possible that __________.

a) the world climate will change accordingly if the rain forests aren’t protected

b) cutting down the rain forests means killing over half the plant and animal population

c) if the rate of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases, then so will the world’s temperature

d) the “greenhouse effect” will cause the destruction of the world’s rainforests


3- According to the text, in addition to the role they play in controlling atmospheric conditions, ______.

 a) rainforests are very rich in minerals

b) rainforests are also important because of the number of species they have

c) plants are important in making medicine

d) trees are extremely valuable in the furniture industry


4- “many” in the last line refers to __________.

a) some researchers       b) species          c) forests           d) reservoirs


5- "constitute" in line 2 means _________.

a) make up              b) give up                 c) release            d) expose



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