Reading Sample 10- WHAT IS STRESS? (B2) (Short Reading)



     Stress is the way a person responds to changes and difficult situations.  When the threat is perceived, your body releases hormones that activate your “fight or flight” response. This fight or flight response is not limited to perceiving a threat, but in less severe cases, is triggered when we encounter unexpected events. For most people, stress is a negative experience. Today, stress is a common experience that people all over the world share. Forty-eight percent of people in the United States report that they feel more stressed today than they did five years ago.

     High-stress levels have serious physical and emotional consequences that can affect people’s health and daily lives. Stress causes the body to experience physical changes such as a faster heartbeat and breathing rate. In a stressful situation, your body release hormone and this triggers your fight response. These hormones help you to either fight harder or run faster. They increase heart rate, blood pressure, and sweating. Because of the increase in heart rate and blood pressure, prolonged stress increases the tension that is put on the arteries. It also affects your immune system which is why cold and flu illness usually shows up during exams. The effects of stress may cause some people to drink or smoke heavily, neglect exercise or proper nutrition, or overuse either the television or the computer. Finally, psychologically people are in the weakest mood because the response to stress may decrease your ability to work or interact effectively with other people and be less able to make good decisions. 

1- According to paragraph 1, which of the followings can NOT be inferred?

  1. Stress is biological.
  2. Only in unexpected serious situations, we deal with stress.
  3. Stress is a global issue.
  4. In this modern world, people are dealing more with stressful events.

2- According to paragraph 2, which of the followings can be inferred?

  1. Dealing with too much stress can have not only biological but also mental impacts on people.
  2. In a stressful situation, body release hormone which weakens your body.
  3. People can think better when they are stressed.
  4. Stress is good for students.

3- What does "trigger" mean in the first paragraph?

a. impact          b. generate           c. evolve           d. demolish


4- What does "prolonged" mean in the second paragraph?

a. continued         b. weak           c. beneficial            d. cheerful 


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