Reading Sample 12- INSIDE THE MINDS OF BABIES (B1/B2) (Short Reading)


Inside the Minds of Babies            

   Not long ago, many people believed that babies only wanted food and to be kept warm and dry. Some people thought babies were not able to learn things until they were five or six months old.  Yet doctors in the United States say babies begin learning on their first day of life. Today, it is well-known that babies are strongly influenced by their environment. A baby learns to get the best care possible by smiling to please her mother or other caregivers. This is how babies learn to connect and communicate with other people.  The researchers say this ability to learn exists in a baby even before birth. The learning appears with the sounds and sensations a baby experiences right before he is born. At birth, the sense of hearing is more developed than vision. They say newborn babies can recognize and understand sounds they heard while they were still developing inside their mothers. "Full-term infants have the benefit of having heard their mother's voice for the weeks preceding the birth," says Charles Nelson, Ph.D., professor of child psychology, neuroscience, and pediatrics at the University of Minnesota's Institute of Child Development, who has monitored newborns less than 24 hours old and found that when they hear their mothers' voice, they show a different pattern of brain activity than when they hear a stranger's.

1. which of the following can be inferred from the passage?

  1. The basic need of a baby is to be fed and looked after.
  2. Babies start to recognize the voice of their parents within a few months after the birth.
  3. The ability of learning is innate in a baby. 
  4. Babies can hear and see well in a few weeks after delivery.

2. According to the passage, when does a baby start to learn?


3. The word this in the passage refers to 

  1. Baby
  2. Learning to get the best care
  3. Smiling
  4. Communicating

4. The word preceding in the passage is closest in meaning to

  1. at the time
  2. before
  3. after
  4. despite



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1. c

2. The learning starts with the sounds and sensations a baby experience before he is born

3. C

4. b

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