Reading Sample 2- ALLOWANCE (B1/B2) (Short Reading)



         Many children first learn the value of money by receiving an allowance. The purpose is to let children learn from experience at an age when financial mistakes are not very costly.  The amount of money that parents give to their children to spend as they wish varies from family to family. Timing is another consideration. Some children get a weekly allowance. Others get a monthly allowance.  In any case, parents should make clear what, if anything, the child is expected to pay for with the money. At first, young children may spend all of their allowances soon after they receive it. If they do this, they will learn the hard way that spending must be done within a budget. Parents are usually advised not to offer more money until the next allowance.The object is to show young people that a budget demands choices between spending and saving. Older children may be responsible enough to save money for larger costs, like clothing or electronics. Many people who have written on the subject of allowances say it is not a good idea to pay your child for work around the home. These jobs are a normal part of family life.  Paying children to do extra work around the house, however, can be useful. It can even provide an understanding of how a business works.


1- What is the main idea of the paragraph?

 a) Every child should receive the same amount of allowance. 

b) An allowance helps children learn about money.

c) Parents should be careful about the amount of the money they give. 

d) Children should be encouraged to do housework.


2- Why shouldn't parents offer more money until the next allowance if their children spend all their allowances?



3- What does others refer to in the passage?

a) some parents         b) some children          c) money            d) family


4- What does costly mean in line 2?

a) inexpensive           b) reasonable          c) pricey          d) convenient


5- What does vary mean in line 3?

a) coincide               b) change              c) point out           d) make up    



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2-Because young people should learn that a budget needs choices between spending and saving.




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