Reading Sample 20- ADVERTISING (B1/B2)



Teams of writers, artists, and designers work together at advertising companies to produce persuasive, and powerful ads. Although advertising campaigns can dramatically increase the sales of a product, the cost is not cheap.  Companies spend billions of greenbacks* in advertising with the hope that it will market their products and services and increase their profits. Newspaper ads can cost thousands of dollars, magazine and Web ads can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and television commercials can run into the millions. Why do companies spend so much money to promote their products or services? When successful, advertising can create powerful images connected to a particular brand. Today, advertising and promotion are all around us. Whether you watch television, listen to driving on the highway, flipping through a magazine or listening to the radio. And although there has been much discussion as to whether the advertising is effective and if there are people to buy the products concerned, the reality is that whether we like them or not, ads become part of our consciousness and may remain in our memories for decades.

*greenbacks: American Banknote

1. What is the purpose of the writer of writing this paragraph? 

  1. to prove that companies need advertisements to be more successful.
  2. to explain the negative effects of advertisements on children.
  3. to provide us with information about the cost of advertisements.
  4. to explain the power of advertisements in today's modern life.

2- Which of the followings can NOT be inferred from the paragraph?

  1. The cost of advertisements can be high.
  2. Advertisements can be a mirror of the society.
  3. Advertising is the most effective way to reach to a large number of people. 
  4. Advertising is the most important marketing tool for organizations. 

3- If an ad is persuasive, it is _____________.

a) very cheap                b) famous                c) successful                  d) useless   


4- If you flip through a magazine, you ______________.

a) turn pages              b) write notes on pages                 c) read in detail                     d) buy a magazine


5- Which of the following best expresses the essential information in the highlighted sentence?

  1. Advertising is not the most successful tool to attract customers.
  2. Advertising is a controversial issue.
  3. Only effective adverts can increase the profit.
  4. Advertising is not a popular issue among people. 


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1. d

2. b

3. c

4. a

5. b

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