Reading Sample 3 - MONEY AND MARRIAGE (B1/B2) (Short Reading)


Money and Marriage

    Today, in the United States more couples are deciding to live together without getting married. Population experts at the Census Bureau say there was a thirteen percent increase in the number of couples who started living together without getting married first. The first reason behind this big increase is The Great Recession -- the worst downturn in America's economy since the Great Depression in the nineteen thirties.  

     It is believed that economic recession played a big part in pushing cohabitation rates higher. Now, almost one in ten opposite-sex couples in the United States live together outside marriage.  Increasingly a major difference between couples who get married and the ones who do not is money. The cost of a wedding is not the only financial factor that couples consider in deciding whether and when to get married. Many people also think about whether they can afford to take care of a family. The weak economy has made financial security even harder to reach. Cohabiters believe that household finances played a role in their decision to move in together. There is no doubt to say that people are thinking about money when they’re cohabitating.” In other words, couples find they can save money by living together.


1- This CAN NOT be inferred that...

a) The number of people getting married is decreasing.

b) Only one percent of American unmarried couples share the same house.

c) The Great recession deteriorates the American economy.

c) Financial factor is the main reason that push people to live together.

d) American people want first to save money before getting married.


2- What does downturn mean in the first paragraph?

a) decline           b) rise              c) betterment               d) improvement


3- Fill in the gaps and complete the summary of the second paragraph.

Researchers say the (a) __________ economy has pushed  cohabitation rates higher. In other words, The financial factor played an important role in this (b)__________.  People are thinking about money when they’re cohabitating. Couples have concerns about if they can afford to take care of a family due to the high household (c) ___________.





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1- d

2- a

3- a) weak b) increase c) finances

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