Reading Sample 7- ECONOMY PUSHES PEOPLE TO LEARN ENGLISH (B1/B2) (Long Reading)


Reading Sample 7 - Economy Pushes people to Learn English 

            The recent economic recession makes people struggle with financial issues. More than one in five Spaniards are out of work in Spain where unemployment is the highest of the seventeen nations that use the euro. But one area of the economy that seems to be doing well is English classes. 

            A report this year from the EF, Education First company listed Spain is a "low proficiency" country in English. Spain ranked just below Italy and just above Taiwan.  About a fifth of the world speaks Spanish. It is believed that people don't learn English there for cultural reasons. Some do. But the motive is always, ninety-nine percent of the time, professional.

            Modern changes in the world economy -- globalization -- may offer chances for a better job in another country. But economic problems at home can also make people feel they have few other choices. Recently, people have realized that they are not only going to have to be mobile out of a choice, but they are going to have to be mobile because of necessity. 

            In Spain, some of those studying English hope for jobs in Britain or the United States. But others want to work for international companies with offices in Spain. Many companies now require workers to be bilingual. There are a lot of jobs that are actually mandatory that you know at least two languages and a lot of them actually want at least Spanish and English. And, a lot of them are asking for Spanish, English and French -- especially airlines 

         Since people need jobs - More than forty percent of Spaniards in their twenties are out of work- many Spaniards for the first time is spreading their new education in English at home.

1- According to the passage, which of the following is true?

  1. Spain has the highest unemployment rate in the world.
  2. Spanish people are better language learners than Italians.
  3. Spanish people are mostly eager to learn English.
  4. Economic reasons can push people to seek alternatives.

 2- The author discusses globalization in order to ___________________.

  1. indicate the economic difficulty Spaniards are facing.
  2. explain the reason behind the recent economic recession.
  3. suggest the changing attitudes in the business world.
  4. explain why Spaniards are culturally conservative.

3- What does mandatory mean in the fourth paragraph?

  1. optional
  2. obligatory
  3. conservative
  4. challenging



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1. d

2. c

3. b

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