16. Basic Academic Adjectives

1. Children from a poor family background are statistically more likely to become involved in crime. 

2. Abortion* is a controversial subject.(*kürtaj)

3. There is no particular reason to believe that this was caused only by the ....

4. Before the attack, the journalist had received several threatening phone calls. 

5. The closure of the factories and the consequent loss of 2000 jobs created economic and political turmoil in Detroit. 

6. A large number of people are unwilling to accept change.

7. Nuclear power has never been economically viable. Governments should come with much more reasonable solutions.


a. _____________ (B2): specific, exact / belli, belirli 

b. _____________ (B1): expected / muhtemel, olası

c. _____________  (B2): menacing, ominous, dangerous / tehditkar

d. _____________ (B2): effective and able to be successful / uygulanabilir, pratik

e. _____________  (B2): reluctant, unenthusiastic / isteksiz, gönülsüz

f. _____________  (B2): subsequent, resultant / happening as a result of something  / sonucu olan

g. _____________ (B2) contentious, questionable, at issue,  disputed/ tartışmaya açık, tartışmalı    


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a. particular

b. likely 

c. threatening

d. viable

e. unwilling

f. consequent

g. controversial

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