17. Basic Academic Adjectives

1. The primary reason he has done so well at school is that he works incredibly hard.

2. In August of 1986, a car bomb killed 19 people and wounded 90 when it blew up in a residential area of east Beirut.

3. In Turkey, the drivers have to pay 488 Turkish Lira as fine when they exceed the legal limits.

4. In Turkey, it is illegal to sell cigarettes to people under the age of eighteen.

5. It is crucial to find a more economical way to manufacture products. Otherwise, our profit margin will be too low.

6. Canada's economic growth has been quite consistent for the last few years.

7. The major environmental issue in many countries is how to dispose of waste materials in a responsible manner.


a. ________: illicit, unlawful, against law / yasadışı

b. ________: natural, related to nature / çevreye dair

c. ________: business related, financial / ticaret, paraya dair

d. ________: initial, basic, main / ana, temel

e. ________: a neighbourhood consisting of private houses, no offices or factories

f. ________: allowable, permissible / yasal 

g. _______: cost-effective, efficient / hesaplı, ekonomik


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a. illegal

b. environmental

c. economic

d. primary

e. residential

f. legal

g. economical

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