1. Basic Academic Adjectives

Match the words in bold with their synonyms:


1- Fossil fuel won't be available forever.

2- The twins can be surprisingly similar in physical appearance but they are quite different in personality.

3- Some parts of this city is not secure to walk out at nights.  

4- A large number of children in Turkey are leaving home in the morning without having an adequate meal. 

5- Mineral water is beneficial to patients who suffer from blood diseases. 

6- It is believed that corruption is widespread in the government of many countries.

7- Every delicious food is not nutritious


a. ___________________ (adj): common / yaygın

b. ___________________ (adj): enough / yeterli

c. ___________________ (adj): free, unoccupied / mevcut, hazır, temin edilebilir

d. ___________________ (adj): safe / güvenli

e. ___________________ (adj): almost the same / benzer

f. ____________________ (adj): having a good effect / yararlı

g. ____________________(adj): nourishing, healthful / besleyici



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a. widespread (6)

b. adequate (4)

c. available (1)

d. secure (3)

e. similar (2)

f. beneficial (5)

e. nutritious (7)



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