11. Basic Academic Adjectives


1- Steve Job was a very determined and strong-willed person and this is the secret of his success.

2- A pilot needs to be calm and level-headed.

3- Normally, the majority of managers are not aware of the pressure that they create on their employees.

4- The authorities need to make Fuel prices more stable if they aim to have a stable economy. 

5- Every business has its own inherent risks.

6- Financially independent housewives have a stronger personality. 

7- Teaching is a challenging but rewarding job.


a. ___________________ (adj): constant, fixed / sabit, istikrarlı, değişmez

b. ___________________ (adj): difficult / zorlayan, gayrete getiren

c. ___________________ (adj): determined / Kararlı, azimli

d. ___________________ (adj): knowledgeable / bir şeyin farkında olmak

e. ___________________ (adj): calm / sakin

f. ____________________ (adj): free, autonomous / bağımsız

g. ___________________ (adj): basic, hereditary / doğasında olan, fıtratında olan



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a. stable

b. challenging

c. strong-willed

d. aware

e. level-headed

f. independent

g. inherent

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