12. Basic Academic Adjectives


1- The Syrian refugees came across the Turkish border in vast numbers.

2- The number of doctors is inadequate so hospitals are looking for qualified and competent doctors.

3- The number of overseas students has doubled in the last 5 years. 

4- The local authorities must adopt a rational approach when dealing with problems.

5-  Water is essential for life.

6- There was a large but peaceful demonstration outside the US Embassy.

7- Extrovert people are always more successful in sales. A salesperson should be sociable and good at communication.


a. ___________ (adj): foreign 

b. ___________ (adj): very large

c. ___________ (adj): extremely important and necessary 

d. ___________ (adj): friendly, serene / şiddetsiz, sakin

e. ___________ (adj): capable, able

f. ___________ (adj): realistic, logical / mantıksal, aklı başında olan

g. ___________ (adj): sociable / dışadönük kişi



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a. overseas

b. vast

c. essential

d. peaceful

e. competent

f. rational

g. extrovert

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