13. Basic Academic Adjectives

1- Fear is a manipulative emotion that can trick us into living a boring life.

2- Diet drinks contain artificial sugar like saccharin. 

3- The recent research reveals that producing large fruits, especially giant pumpkins and squash, does not always lead to a greater harvest per unit of land,” 

4- Rivers are heavily polluted by chemical industries.   

5- Laws are needed to preserve elephants in their natural environment.

6- Students were asked to select and memorize a random sequence of numbers from one to ninety-nine. 

7- Women have made revolutionary changes in their roles in the past 25 years. 


a. _____________ : irregular, arbitrary / rastgele, gelişigüzel

b. _____________ : unreal, not natural / yapay

c. _____________ : giant: huge, enormous / dev gibi, çok büyük

d. _____________ : devious, canny / istediğini yaptıran, çıkarcı 

e. _____________ : contaminated / kirlenmiş

f.  _____________ : radical / devrimci, büyük değişim gösteren

g. _____________ : innate, common, not artificial / doğal


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a. random

b. artificial

c. giant

d. manipulative

e. polluted

f. revolutionary

g. natural

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