14. Basic Academic Adjectives

1. Turkey's domestic economy grew faster in the third quarter than any other of the world's 20 biggest economies. 

2. The excuse of the students was not convincing. The teacher did not change his mind*.   (* fikir değiştirmek) 

3. At some departments, attendance at the lectures is optional. Students are not forced to attend the lessons.

4. In Turkey, doing military service is obligatory for all men between 18 and 27. 

5. Governments should ban the chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

6. Students are usually reluctant to do their homework. The majority don't want to do it. 

7. Some people lived their entire lives without ever being close to anyone.


a. _______________: persuasive / inandırıcı, ikna edici

b. _______________: national, not foreign / ülke içi

c. _______________: complete, whole / bütün, tamamı

d. _______________: adverse, destructive / zararlı

e. _______________: alternative / tercihli, isteğe bağlı

f. _______________ : forced, imperative, mandatory, obligatory / zorunlu, mecburi

g. _______________ : unenthusiastic, unwilling / isteksiz, gönülsüz


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a. convincing

b. domestic

c. entire

d. harmful

e. optional

f. obligatory

g. reluctant

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