15. Basic Academic Adjectives

15. Basic Academic Adjectives

1. The brain is like a very powerful but very complicated computer.

2. During the summer tomatoes are plentiful and cheap.  

3. Disposable contact lenses are ideal for busy people. 

4. Some official documents are strictly confidential. 

5. Smoking is highly addictive

6. We had a very productive meeting and sorted out a lot of problems.

7. The police could find no persuasive evidence of illegal activity. 


a. ________________ : abundant, ample / bol, pek çok

b. ________________ : unnecessary, unrequired / bir kullanımlık

c. ________________ : difficult, complex 

d. ________________ : secret

e. ________________ : convincing / inandırıcı, ikna edici

f. ________________ : fruitful / verimli, yararlı, iyi sonuç veren

g. ________________ : habit-forming / bağımlılığı artıran


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a. plentiful

b. disposable

c. complicated

d. confidential

e. persuasive

f. productive

g. addictive

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