7. Basic Academic Adjectives


1- It would be politically unacceptable to privatised motorways and make people pay. 

2- The problem of air pollution is especially serious in urban areas. 

3- Charity groups are usually run by dedicated volunteers. 

4- It is governments' responsibility to make free healthcare accessible to everyone.

5- Today, email is an efficient way of contacting a large number of people.

6- If the global population continues to increase in such rate, mass starvation and ecological disaster will be the inevitable result.

7- The shortage of job opportunities for young people in rural areas is the main reason for immigration to big cities.


a. _________________ (adj): related to countryside and not to cities / Kırsal

b. _________________ (adj): related to city / kentsel

c. _________________ (adj): committed, hard-working, loyal / sadık, bağlı, istekli

d. _________________ (adj): not suitable or satisfactory / kabul edilmez

e. _________________ (adj): available, reachable / kolay ulaşılabilir 

f. __________________ (adj): unavoidable / Kaçınılmaz

g. _________________ (adj): effective, economical / verimli




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a. rural

b. urban

c. dedicated

d. dedicated

e. accessible

f. inevitable

g. efficient

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