8. Basic Academic Adjectives


1- Due to the insufficient transport infrastructure* and a rapid increase in motor vehicle ownership, İstanbul is now facing a serious urban transport crisis.(*altyapı)

2- Smoking can be destructive to health.

3- The recent slowdown in the global economy is likely to have considerable consequences. 

4- The most important role of our education system is to be appropriate to the needs of the students, so it can build a brighter future for our nation's students as professionals and as citizens.

5- The government is not enthusiastic about rising the education funds and increasing the number of schools. 

6- The experience which students can gain through an internship would be very valuable for their future career. 

7- Recent research indicates that pre-school children are capable of thinking in abstract terms.


a. ___________ (adj): interested, eager / coşkulu, hevesli

b. ___________ (adj): harmful, detrimental / Yıkıcı, tahrip edici

c. ___________ (adj): not enough, inadequate / yetersiz

d. ___________ (adj): suitable / uygun

e. ___________ (adj): seious / ciddi

f. ____________ (adj): able, competent / bir şeyi yapmaya muktedir

g. ___________ (adj): important, priceless, beneficial / değerli, kıymetli, faydalı, 


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a. enthusiastic

b. destructive

c. insufficent

d. appropriate

e. considerable

f. capable

g. valuable


Choose the right adjective. 


1. Some of the vocabularies which we are studying are slang and is inappropriate/appropriate in certain situations.

2. A proper and good essay supports its thesis using inappropriate/appropriate details.

3. International oil and cocoa prices have a considerable/appropriate impact on the economy of Cameroon.

4. I don't really think that it is considerable/appropriate to wear jeans to the office. 

5. Women walking alone late at night in large cities are at considerable/appropriate risk in this country.


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1. inappropriate

2. appropriate

3. considerable

4. appropriate

5. considerable

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