9. Basic Academic Adjectives

1- Some people give up their permanent job to be freelance. 

2- Because of damage to their homes, many people had to stay in temporary tents for a few months.

3- The ultimate goal of the Turkish military force is to restore the peace in that area.

4- Every child is unique, with their own needs, preference and talents. 

5- The Syrian refugees face extreme hardship in winter. 

6- Human rights should be a global problem which needs a global response.

7- WWF has been building partnerships aimed at protecting endangered animals.  


a. _______________ (adj): final / en son, nihai

b. _______________ (adj): limited, momentary / geçici

c. _______________ (adj): constant, lasting / kalıcı, üzün süreli

d. _______________ (adj): singular, distinctive / biricik, tek, özgü

e. _______________ (adj): at risk / tehlike altında olmak, nesli tükenmekte olan

f. _______________ (adj): severe, utmost / aşırı

g. _______________ (adj): universal, international / Küresel



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a. ultimate

b. temporary

c. permanent

d. unique

e. endangered

f. extreme

g. global

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