2. Basic Academic Adjectives


Match the words in bold with their synonyms:


1- Today, the majority of young people are ignorant of their nation's recent history.

2- It seems to me that some minor changes in regulation and legislation can cause big changes.  

3- There has been a significant change in the tone of the media's coverage and how news is presented.

4- The new technology will be faster and more user-friendly than any previous technology.

5- Experts warn that data centres will consume enormous amounts of energy in the near future.

6- Smoking is one of the major causes of heart disease. 

7- It is believed that at the current growth rate, China will have the largest economy in the world by 2030. 


a- _______________________ (adj):  unaware, uninformed / habersiz, bilgisiz

b- _______________________ (adj): large, huge / devasa, koskocaman

c- _______________________ (adj): important, meaningful / önemli, anlamlı

d- _______________________ (adj): main, important / ana, başlıca

e- _______________________ (adj): earlier, prior / önceki

f- _______________________ (adj): present, present-day, now / mevcut olan

g- _______________________ (adj): small, unimportant / önemsiz, küçük, ciddi olmayan



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a. ignorant (1)

b. enormous (5)

c. significant (3)

d. major (6)

e. previous (4)

f. current (7)

g. minor (2)


Choose the right option.

1. Our ................... house was much smaller than this new one.

a. enormous       b. minor           c. previous             d. ignorant             


2. His injuries were relatively ................, so he was released from the hospital within a couple of hours of being admitted.

a. enormous       b. minor          c. previous             d. ignorant 










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