3. Basic Academic Adjectives


Match the words in bold with their synonyms:


1-  The laws in Turkey is so complicated that an average person can not understand. 

2- Students can get more individual attention in small classes. 

3- The increasing urban population has become a more complex issue.

4- Actually, there is no economic advantage in going to war. 

5- The annual income of farmers totally depends on the weather condition.

6- The students who have financial problems should work in part-time jobs. 

7- Do you think that wealthy nations are doing enough to end world poverty?


a. __________________ (adj): complicated, difficult to understand / karmaşık, kafa karıştıran

b. __________________ (adj): happening once a year, yearly / yılık, yılda bir olan

c. __________________ (adj): particular, seperate / bireysel, belli, belirli

d. __________________ (adj): rich 

e. __________________ (adj): financial / relating to trade /  ticaret ve parayla ilişkin

f. ___________________ (adj): relating to money or the management of money / parasal

g. ___________________ (adj): normal, ordinary / sıradan


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a. complex

b. annual

c. individual

d. wealthy

e. economic

f. financial

g. ordinary


1- Politics are too ................ for me to understand, and I don't even know who to vote for.

a. financial          b. annual           c. complex          d.ordinary


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