5. Basic Academic Adjectives


Match the words in bold with their synonyms:


1- There are various ways to fix the problem. If one does not work, you can try the other ones.

2- What makes a happy relationship is not how you are compatible but how you struggle with problems. 

3- We need some modern equipment if we want to produce accurate results.

4- Stress has a direct effect on both your physical and mental health. 

5- Eating sensibly and doing exercise regularly is a reliable method of losing weight.

6- It is believed that people with an outgoing personality tend to be more successful.

7- It is evident that the economy is slowly improving after the great recession in 2014. Everything is getting better.


a. ____________ (adj): agreeable, accordant, harmonous / uyumlu, birbirine uyan

b. ____________ (adj): dependable / güvenilir

c. ____________ (adj): diverse, mixed / çeşitli

d. ____________ (adj): correct and true in every detail / doğru, tam

e. ____________ (adj): intellectual, psychological / zihinsel

f.  ____________ (adj): clear, obvious / açık ve net

g. ____________ (adj): sociable, extroverted / dost canlısı, kolay iletişim kurulabilen


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a. compatible

b. reliable

c. various

d. accurate

e. mental

f. evident

g. outgoing

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