1. Basic Academic Nouns

1- The government is looking for a site on which to build a new school in this area.

2- We have to give her a lot of credit for our success.

3- Hundreds of local residents are protesting against the new shopping mall construction.  

4- The researchers conducted a detailed analysis on how children learn a language.

5- Environmental pollution seems to be an important factor in the increase in cancers all over the world.

6- Reading and understanding the contract is something so important before signing and accepting a new job. 

7- Music downloaders are questioning the illegality of file sharing. They claim that the law is not so clear.


a. _________ : dweller, inhabitant / sakin, oturan, yaşayan kişi

b. _________ : ground, location, spot, area / alan, arazi, yer

c. _________ : study, research, inquiry / analiz, irdeleme, inceleme

d. _________ : praise / takdir, övgü

e. _________ : lawlessness, illegilitimacy / yasadışı olma

f. __________ : agreement, deal / sözleşme

g. _________ : determinant, cause, point / etken, faktör


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a. residents

b. site

c. analysis

d. credit

e. illegality

f. contract

g. factor

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