10. Basic Academic Nouns

1. We need to really look at all the aspects of this deal before we decide whether or not to accept it.

2. His knee injury prevented him from playing professional basketball.

3. It is difficult to discuss the complexities of differing political philosophies in a short news clip.

4. The transferal of money from one account to another will take 24 hours.

5. The average daily consumption of salt in this country is much higher than recommended.

6. Most gas appliances need routine maintenance once a year to ensure safety.

7. He donated $50 to a fund to help victims of the fire.



a. __________(n): complicatedness

b. __________(n): care, repairs

c. __________(n): hurt, harm

d. __________(n): element, feature

e. __________(n): transfer

f. __________ (n): charity

g. __________ (n): use


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a. complexity

b.  maintenance

c. injury

d. aspect

e. transferal

f. fund

g. consumption


It is stated that vocabulary is now regarded as the key aspect of learning a second language.

Teaching students to have realistic expectations is an important aspect of second language instruction.

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