11. Basic Academic Nouns

1. He was refused a visa because he didn't have the proper documents

2. I don't think the government's scheme to reduce unemployment is going to work.

3. Interactions with friends often provide the first major social experiences for children outside the family circle.

4. French speakers form a large and important minority in Canada.

5. A recent study found that moods influence how effectively people accomplish tasks together.

6. Cactus plants offer a perfect alternative to clotheslines in the hot, dry climate of Haiti.

7. The animal with the largest brain in proportion to its size is the ant.


a. __________ (n): plan, program

b. __________ (n): a small group of people

c. __________ (n): communication

d. __________ (n): option, choice

e. __________ (n): assignment, project

f.  __________ (n): a piece of paper that has official information on it


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a. scheme

b. minority

c. interaction

d. alternative

e. task

f. document

g. in proportion



1. I have to go to my lawyer's to sign some scheme/documents/tasks relating to the sale of our house.

2. One of the most important scheme/documents/tasks in learning a foreign language is to get over one's fear of making mistakes.

3. The company that I work at has the scheme/proportion/tasks to increase its sales without increasing its costs.

4. The proportion/tasks/schemes of women in the teaching profession is traditionally much higher than that of men.

5. She is responsible for the majority of administrative proportion/ tasks/ schemes to be done in the office.

6. She tried taking pills to lose weight as an task/alternative/schemes to regular exercise but had little success.

7. Denmark was one of the first countries in the world to introduce state social welfare schemes/task/alternative.


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1. documents

2. tasks

3. scheme

4. proportion

5. tasks

6. alternative

7. schemes


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