12. Basic Academic Nouns

1. Stars can exist only as long as energy continues to move from their cores to their surfaces.

2. Can you remember the sequence of events leading up to the murder?

3. The illustration of the girl's face does not resemble her at all.

4. Barry hasn't been doing a very good job at work lately, but I think we have to recognize that this is understandable, given the circumstances of his wife's illness.

5. Studies show that 70% of the world's coffee market is controlled by just four multinational Corporations.

6. This ESL program puts a lot of emphasis on speaking and listening skills.

7. The comments he received after his presentation were highly favourable.


a. _________ (n): series, order

b. _________ (n): depiction, image

c. _________ (n): highlight, prominence 

d. _________ (n): statement of opinion, explanation

e. _________ (n): center, gist

f.  _________ (n): firm

g. _________ (n): situation, condition


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a. sequence

b. illustration

c. emphasis

d. comment

e. core

f. corporation

g. circumstance



Fill in the blanks with the right noun.

corporate        comments        circumstances           emphasis        core

1. Police are talking to a number of people in order to get more information about the _____________ in which the murder occurred.

2. Our hockey team is looking for a ___________ sponsor to help us with costs.

3. In his efforts to modernize Yugoslavia, Josip Tito placed a strong _________ on education, rebuilding schools and libraries, and retraining teachers.

4. The __________ on my son's report card suggested that he could do much better in school if he made a bit more effort.


5. The ___________ of the problem is his inability to work with others.


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1. circumstances  

2. corporate 

3. emphasis


5. core

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