13. Basic Academic Nouns

1. She made a delicious cake that had chocolate ice cream on one layer, and vanilla ice cream on another.

2. The only outcome that I can see of cutting the education budget is that our children will suffer.

3. The boss has turned down our request to expand the Research and Development Department due to financial constraints.

4. Students in our program will be graded according to the criteria described in the course outline.

5. I have a lot of admiration for immigrants because I think it takes a lot of courage to move to a new country, and adapt to a new culture.

6. When using new vocabulary or expressions, be sure to watch for the listeners' reactions, in order to see if you are using the language properly.

7. The link between smoking and cancer is too strong to ignore.



a. _________ (v): newcomer, foreigner

b. _________ (v): restraint, limitation

c. _________ (v): coating, tier

d. _________ (v): connection

e. _________ (v): response, answer

f. _________ (v): consequence, result

g. _________ (v): benchmark



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a. immigrants

b. constraints

c. layer

d. link

e. reaction

f. outcome

g. criteria


1. The book has a whole layer of meaning that you may not get the first time you read it.

2. The outcome of these tests should tell us whether or not you need an operation.

3. Wearing layers of clothing will help you to keep warm in extremely cold conditions.

4. People usually take credit for actions which produce favourable outcomes but blame the situation when their actions are questionable or lead to failure.

5. The university's ESL website has a number of links to some grammar and vocabulary development sites.

6. Potential immigrants to this country are evaluated using a point system which examines criteria such as age, health, work skills, and education.



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