2. Basic Academic Nouns

1. The DNA of chimpanzees shows a remarkable similarity to that of humans.

2. Availability of water is vital to all plant and animal life.

3. Turkey is going through a period of economic instability.

4. One of the benefits of studying English in an English speaking country is that you can speak English outside of class.  

5. The government has recently passed legislation which prohibits tobacco advertising at sporting events.

6. There are many things you can do in your everyday life to help protect the environment such as recycling or riding a bicycle.

7. The source of Euphrates river is in Turkey and it flows southeast across Syria and through Iraq. 


a. __________ : possibility / bulunabilirlik

b. __________ : age, duration, era, time / süre, dönem

c. __________ : advantage, perk, profit / yarar, kar, fayda

d. __________ : nature, climate / doğa

e. __________ : root, beginning / kaynak, köken

f. __________ : enactment, regulation, lawmaking / kanunlaştırma

g. __________ : likeness, correspondence / benzerlik


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a. availability

b. period

c. benefits

d. environment

e. source

f. legislation

g. similarity 


Choose the right word.

1. Canada is a country which is rich in natural legislation/sources such as lumber, fish, and clean water.

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