3. Basic Academic Nouns

1. The low number of students who participate in the lecture is a clear indication of lack of interest in the topic.

2. The mythology is a set of stories about the creation of our world.

3. Kadıköy is generally a safe and friendly environment for students to live.

4. Even though it's against university policy, many lecturers wear jeans and casual clothes.

5. In response to the USA's nuclear weapons,  many other countries around the world are running their own nuclear programs.

6. For very young children, the concept of truth and lies are not very clear.

7. We will need to examine a lot more data before we can make any conclusions.


a. _________ (n): formation

b. _________ (n): info, input, statistics

c. _________ (n): notion, idea, perception

d. _________ (n): reaction, return, reply, answer

e. _________ (n): evidence, clue, explanation

f. _________ (n): procedure, code

g. _________ (n): neighbourhood, territory 


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a. creation

b. data

c. concept

d. response

e. indication

f. policy

g. environment

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