4. Basic Academic Nouns

1. Little research has been conducted on the difficulties of higher education.

2. They want to build a new shopping mall in an area which is currently a park.

3. Technology plays an important role in education today.

4. The function of the heart is to pump blood throughout the body.

5. There is no magic formula for success.

6. Different interpretations of holy books have resulted in the creation of many different religious groups. 

7. The traditional family structure has undergone a great many changes in the last few decades, due to the increase in the divorce rate.


a. __________ (n): makeup, form

b. __________ (n): code, principle, blueprint

c. __________ (n): job, duty, goal

d. __________ (n): analysis, study

e. __________ (n): region, district

f.  __________ (n): understanding, explanation

g. __________ (n): duty, function


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a. structure

b. formula

c. function

d. research

e. area

f. interpretation

g. role

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