5. Basic Academic Nouns

1. The final cost was much higher than the original estimate.

2. The island of Cyprus is divided into two sections: Greek and Turkish.

3. I don't think hitting children is a very effective method of teaching them anything.

4. The company has to do an assessment of the environmental damage that would be done to the area before beginning the project.

5. It is believed that vocabulary development is even more important than grammar study for second language learners.

6. One should have enough evidence to support his theory.  

7. Our response to the controversial social issues of our time will determine our future. 


a. __________ (n): advancement, improvement

b. __________ (n): clue, proof

c. __________ (n): guess, calculation

d. __________ (n): means, procedure

e. __________ (n): division, portion

f. __________ (n): evaluation

g. __________ (n): reaction, reply, answer



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a. development

b. evidence

c. estimate

d. method

e. section

f. assessment

g. response

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