6. Basic Academic Nouns

1. Management is planning to meet with labour to begin discussions on a new contract.

2. The percentage of students that have to repeat a level in this program is usually about 25% or less.

3. Today, it is generally quite difficult to raise a family on a single income. That is why both parents often work full-time.

4. Vocabulary is generally easier to understand if you look at it in context.

5. Highly unequal income distribution remains a serious problem in Brazil. 

6. The police have as yet no evidence of his involvement in the robbery.

7.  Petroleum products accounted for 66 percent of Oman's export and 39 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP), according to the Central bank of Oman.


a. __________ (n): classification, grouping

b. __________ (n): earnings, wage / gelir

c. __________ (n): work force, employee, worker

d. __________ (n): framework, text

e. __________ (n): ratio, rate, portion, proportion

f. __________ (n): engagement, relationship

g. __________ (n): sell or trade abroad


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a. distribution

b. income

c. labour

d. context

e. percentage

f. involvement

g. export

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