7. Basic Academic Nouns

1. One million people living in Syria are in immediate need of food assistance.

2. According to a recent evaluation, safety procedures at U.S. airports are no better now than before the attacks of 9-11.

3. She is a mathematical genius and has been able to make complex computations in her head since a very young age.

4. The Dalai Lama once observed that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

5. The most successful second language students are those who use several different vocabulary learning strategies.

6. Malaysia's natural resources fall into three basic categories: agricultural, mineral, and energy.

7. It has been observed that second language learners see the acquisition of vocabulary as their greatest problem.


a. _________ (n): classification, group, section

b. _________ (n): analysis

c. _________ (n): aid, help

d. _________ (n): calculation

e. _________ (n): learning, attainment

f. __________ (n): plan, method, scheme

g. _________ (n): accomplishment, sucess


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a. category

b. evaluation

c. assistance

d. computation

e. acquisition

f. strategy

g. achievement


She won awards in both the best female vocalist and best album of the year categories/achivement.



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