11. Basic Academic Verbs

1. An industrialist by the name of Oskar Schindler is credited with saving the lives of about 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust.

2. Parrots, most famous of all talking birds, rarely acquire a vocabulary of more than twenty words.

3. ESL students are usually encouraged to participate in as many activities as possible in order to get to know people and practise speaking English.

4. The American Psychological Association has concluded that viewing violence on TV promotes aggressive behaviour in children.

5. It is said that the island of Manhattan was purchased from the native people of the area for about $24 worth of goods.

6. Cigarette smoking is widely perceived as being the most serious health issue in society today.

7. The government is conducting tests of a drug that may prove useful in the fight against AIDS.


a. ___________ (v): obtain, receive, get

b. ___________ (v): take part in, join

c. ___________ (v): presume, deduce, infer 

d. ___________ (v): manage, carry out

e. ___________ (v): regard, see, understand, recognize

f. ___________ (v): buy, obtain, acquire

g. __________ (v): accept, rely on


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a. acquire

b. participate

c. conclude

d. conduct

e. perceive

f. purchase

g. credit 



acquire              conduct             perceive (x2)

1. You can __________ a bit of an English accent if you live in London for a few years.

2. In response to Indian nuclear weapons testing, Pakistan ___________ed its own tests in 1998.

3. Children do not always ___________ the relationship between success and effort in the things they do.

4. Marriage and divorce can be ___________ as the beginning of a new chapter in people’s life.


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