12. Basic Academic Verbs

1. It is not the job of the police to administer justice.

2. The government is planning to build a large wall on the Syrian border to restrict illegal immigration.

3.The local government has commissioned a study to see if it is worth trying to save some of the old historic buildings downtown.

4. The economy of Turkey has been affected a great deal by the Syrian war.

5. We finalized the contract this afternoon.

6. Some people think that access to the Internet should be regulated so that children are not exposed to pornography.

7. The Great Wall of China was constructed to keep out enemy invaders.


a. ____________ (v): manage, administer, control, organize

b. ____________ (v): limit, constrain

c. ____________ (v): govern, execute

d. ____________ (v): build up, assemble

e. ____________ (v): finish, conclude

f. ____________ (v): authorize, delegate tasks

g. ____________ (v): impact, influence


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a. regulate

b. restrict

c. administer

d. construct

e. finalize

f. commission

g. affect 




restricts              regulate              construct                  administer                 

1. A large fence __________ access to the area.

2. The Cayman Islands have been ______________ed by Jamaica since 1863.

3. Water and salt both work to __________ the water content of the body.

4. Bill Gates has __________ed the largest computer empire in the world.


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1. restricts

2. administered

3. regulate

4. constructed

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