13. Basic Academic Verbs


1. The city can no longer afford to maintain the zoo and will sell all the animals that are remaining.

2. Our new washing machine consumes about half the electricity of our old model.

3. She injured her back lifting a heavy box while she was moving into her new apartment.

4. She has just been selected as a member of Canada's Olympic volleyball team.

5. We moved from Halifax to Vancouver when my father's company transferred him to their main office out here.

6. Many people equate Canada with snow, but in the city where I live, sometimes we don't get any snow all winter.

7. Studies show that constant exposure to media content normalizes violence, with the result that children come to believe that society is violent.

a. ____________ (v): choose, pick out, elect

b. ____________ (v): turn over, pass on, hand over

c. ____________ (v): care for, preserve, keep up

d. ____________ (v): associate, relate

e. ____________ (v): harm, hurt

f. _____________ (v): spend, expend, use up

g. ____________ (v): standardize



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a. select

b. transfer

c. maintain

d. equate

e. injure

f. consume

g. normalize



Choose the correct verb.

1. Patricia Chan has been normalized/selected to represent this company at the New York conference.

2. An adult grey whale equates/consumes about 1,100 kilograms of food per day.

3. The African continent is often equated/transferred with images of starving children, but many of the people there live quite comfortably.

4. The original inhabitants of New Zealand, the Maori, equated/transferred their history down the generations largely by word of mouth.

5. You can't always select/equate success with how much money a person has. There's more to life than that.

6. One of the most important steps in learning a second language is maintaining/selecting the course of study that's right for you.

7. Tian Hsu works hard to maintain/select close friendships with the students she studied with in London.


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3. equated

4. transferred

5. selecting

6. maintain


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