14. Basic Academic Verbs

1. Most immigrants to Canada try to preserve the culture and traditions of their home country for their children.

2. When Romulo Betancourt became president of Venezuela in 1959, he used the profits from the oil industry to fund social programs in his country.

3. I have been documenting all the changes I've been making to the software program so you can see how it's done.

4. The school board has continually ignored the complaints of parents.

5. A proper essay illustrates its ideas clearly and effectively.

6. By lying to me about this, you have totally negated all the trust we had built up.

7. You are going to have to Justify your decision to management because right now they are a little confused about this.


a. ____________ (v): conserve, care for

b. ____________ (v): contradict / geçersiz kılmak, etkisiz kılmak

c. ____________ (v): avoid, neglect

d. ____________ (v): finance, provide money

e. ____________ (v): record / belgelemek, kayd etmek

f. _____________ (v): demonstrate, exemplify

g. ____________ (v): legitimize, substantiate / haklı göstermek, haklı çıkartmak


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a. preserve

b. negate

c. ignore

d. fund

e. document

f. illustrate

g. justify



1. The increase in tax revenues has been negated/funded by rising costs for the public health system.

2- Racist comments against others are totally unacceptable, no matter what they negated/justified.

3- The professor wrote a number of sentences on the board to illustrate/ ignore the similarities in grammar between the two languages.

4. Animal testing should be reduced to a minimum and carefully justified/preserved in each case.


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1. negated

2. justified

3. illustrate


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