15. Basic Academic Verbs

1. In 1507, the first map of the Earth was published showing the Western Hemisphere.

2. A large number of people immigrate to other countries because of the poor economic conditions in their country. 

3. The growth of our company has been seriously constrained by the poor state of the economy.

4. You shouldn't mix chemicals together in science class if you don't know how they will react.

5. The dates written on these documents do not correspond.  

6. The new Avrasya Tunnel has reduced travelling time from 50 minutes to 20 minutes in İstanbul.

7. Owning a car is expensive. In addition to the pice of the vehicle, financing costs, insurance, taxes, and maintenance can drain your bank account quickly. 


a. _________ (v): coincide, resemble

b. _________ (v): possess, have

c. _________ (v): cut down, diminish

d. _________ (v): migrate, move, settle down

e. _________ (v): print, circulate

f. __________(v): district, limit

g. _________ (v): act, respond


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a. correspond

b. own

c. reduce

d. immigrate

e. publish

f. constrain

g. react


1. In the 1530s, a printing press was set up in Mexico City, and the country's first newspaper was owned/published there in 1541.

2Poor soil has reacted/constrained the level of crop production.

3. Studies have shown that babies in the womb will constrain/react to sudden loud noises or bright lights that are flashed on the mother's belly.

4. Financial factors correspond/constrain the growth of companies in general.


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1. publish

2. constrain

3. react

4. constrain

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