1. Basic Academic Verbs

Match the words in bold with their synonyms:


  1. It is governments' responsibility to provide proper education and free healthcare for their citizens. 

  2. All children between 2 and 5 are supposed to be vaccinated against major childhood diseases such as polio and measles.

  3. All new employees must be trained to use the new computer system correctly.

  4. The new government has banned alcohol advertising and its sale from 10 pm to 6 am.

  5. Following traffic laws and wearing seatbelts can help to prevent road accidents.

  6. If you want to be healthy, you should avoid foods which contain a lot of fat. 

  7. Recent research has revealed that the rate of obesity is increasing, especially among young people.



    a. ___________ (v): to forbid, to prohibit / yasaklamak

    b. ___________ (v): to show, to bring to light / açıklamak, ifşa etmek

    c. ___________ (v): to keep away from / kaçınmak 

    d. ___________ (v): to supply / sağlamak

    e. ___________ (v): to immunize / aşı yapmak

    f.  ___________ (v): to stop someone from doing something / engellemek

    g. ___________ (v): to teach someone the skills of a job, educate / eğitmek



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a. ban

b. reveal

c. avoid

d. provide

e. vaccinate

f. prevent

g. train


Choose the right verb.

1- A recent Survey revealed/vaccinated that just 1% of Turkish families recycle.

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