10. Basic Academic Verbs

1. Bananas and coffee together constitute almost 38% of Costa Rica's export earnings.

2. In the future, Canada will be under great pressure to export fresh water to the United States.

3. The woman was unable to identify the man who stole her purse because it had been too dark at the time of the robbery.

4. Visas are not required for Americans who plan to stay in England for less than three months.

5. Every Christmas, many charity groups work hard to distribute food and blankets to the homeless.

6. In Turkey, only parliament can authorize the prime minister to declare war.

7. The government estimates that the inflation rate will decrease this year by about 5%.


a. _________ (v): ask, demand, necessitate 

b. _________ (v): comprise, form, compose

c. _________ (v): guess, try to value

d. _________ (v): recognize, label

e. _________ (v): allocate, spread, deliver

f. _________ (v): give empower or control

g. _________ (v): sell or trade abroad


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a. require

b. constitute

c. estimate

d. identify

e. distribute

f. authorize

g. export


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