2. Basic Academic Verbs

Match the words in bold with their synonyms:


1. All the exam results have been displayed on the noticeboard. Students can check their results.

2. Some recent research has confirmed that the risk of breast cancer is higher for women.

3. Research indicates that majority of teachers are dissatisfied with their salary. 

4. Many children encounter some difficulty in learning a foreign language.

5. English language teachers always emphasize the importance of studying regularly. 

6. Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their goals.

7- The issue of how we can dispose of the nuclear waste is a global concern. 



a. ________ (v): to show / sergilemek

b. ________ (v): to meet, to face, to experience / sevimsiz bir şeyi tecrübe etmek

c. ________ (v): to stress, to highlight / vurgulamak

d. ________ (v): to point out, to show, to specify / göstermek, işaret etmek, belirtmek

e. ________ (v): to say or show that something is true / doğrulamak, onaylamak

f. _________ (v): to get rid of something / elden çıkartmak, atıp kurtulmak

g. _________ (v): to change / değişmek, değişim göstermek


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Choose the right verb.

1. To prepare for an exam, try looking at old tests and analyzing what the professor emphasizes/encounters in class.


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