4. Basic Academic Verbs

Match the words in bold with their synonyms:


1. The price for the hotel includes only breakfast.

2. The insurance cover usually excludes particular medical conditions.  

3. The number of people moving to western countries has risen considerably.

4. Life always offers you a second chance. It is called tomorrow.

5. TRT will broadcast the derby match live on Sunday.

6. Regulations require that students attend at least 90% of the lectures.

7. Şehir University was founded in 2008.


a. _________ (v): to propose / teklif etmek

b. _________ (v): to send out a programme on television or radio / yayın yapmak

c. _________  (v): to need, to demand /resmen talep etmek, zorunda bırakılmak

d. _________  (v): to increase / artmak

e. _________  (v): to not include / hariç tutmak, dahil etmemek

f. __________ (v): to be part of / dahil etmek, içermek

g. _________  (v): to establish / kurmak, tesis etmek


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a. offer

b. broadcast

c. require

d. rise

e. exclude

f. include

g. found

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