5. Basic Academic Verbs

Match the words in bold with their synonyms: 


1- New graduates usually seek well-paid jobs. 

2- It is believed that only 7 rich industrial nations dominate the global economy.

3- It is governments’ responsibility to provide the safety and to protect its citizens. 

4- Universities should aim to help students make more informed career choices.

5- People can minimize the dangers of driving by following traffic rules.

6- Leaving the lights on all the time wastes electricity.  

7- The committee acknowledges that teachers are not receiving an adequate salary.


a. ____________ (v): take care of, conserve, preserve / korumak

b. ____________ (v): confirm, admit / onaylamak, kabul etmek

c. ____________ (v): look for / aramak

d. ____________ (v): squander, consume more than usual / israf etmek

e. ____________ (v): control, prevail / egemen olmak

f. ____________ (v): focus, plan / bir şeyi başarmayı hedeflemek, amaçlamak

g. ____________(v): diminish, reduce / mümkün olan ölçüde azaltmak

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a. protect

b. acknowledge

c. seek

d. waste

e. dominate

f. aim

g. minimize


Choose the right verb.


1. My great-grandfather came to Boston to minimize/seek his fortune in the early 1800s.

2. The Americans have dominated/acknowledged Olympic basketball for many years.


For centuries, Korea was dominated by its larger and more aggressive neighbours.


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