6. Basic Academic Verbs

1. All the efforts to arrange a ceasefire* in Syria have failed. (*ateşkes)

2. Most of the Syrian immigrants had to abandon their cities because of the fear of further attacks.  

3. Private Universities anticipate an increase in the number of students in the following academic year.

4. Many Greek islands are being used to accommodate Syrian refugees.

5. Different software packages offer different features*. (feature: özellik)

6. Many children in Africa cannot access to clean water.

7. The new legislation aims to secure the future of the rainforest.


a. __________: obtain, find

b. __________: construct, design

c. __________: protect, defend

d. __________: present, propose

e. __________: expect, predict

f. ___________: leave, give up, quit

g. __________: shelter, to provide someone with a place to stay, live or work     


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a. access

b. arrange

c. secure

d. offer

e. anticipate

f. abandon

g. accommodate

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