8. Basic Academic Verbs

1. New shopping centres have generated more than 1000 permanent jobs in the city.

2. Mc Donalds was established in April of 1955.

3. His new book can be interpreted in several different ways.

4. Governments should legislate against discriminations in the workplace.

5. Very young children conceptualize ideas of depth, height and size in different ways from adults.

6. The aim of exams is to assess how much students can learn. 

7. The test will consist of a series of true or false questions and two essay questions.


a. __________ (v): form a concept, visualize mentally

b. __________ (v): found, set up

c. __________ (v): evaluate

d. __________ (v): made up of, contain

e. __________ (v): create, produce

f. __________ (v): enact, constitute, make laws

g. __________ (v): read, understand and define



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a. conceptualize

b. establish

c. assess

d. consist of

e. generate

f. legislate

g. interpret 


It is governments’ responsibility to generate/legislate new jobs if they want to reduce the unemployment rates.

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