9. Basic Academic Verbs

1- Nick's job as a salesman involves a lot of travelling around the province.

2- It can be quite difficult to clearly define abstract ideas such as love or friendship.

3- Research shows that people usually underestimate the amount of time it will take them to learn a second language.

4- The government has said that construction of the factory will not be allowed to proceed until changes are made to reduce the impact on the environment.

5- The accidents which occurred on main roads are the main factor of the traffic congestion in big cities.

6- Many words in English are derived from French.

7. Many people seem to assume that Canadians are just the same as Americans.


a. _________ (v): believe, consider

b. _________ (v): give description, interpret, explain

c. _________ (V): include, contain, engage

d. _________ (v): evolve, develop, educe

e. _________ (v): happen, take place

f. __________ (v): underrate, minimize, undervalue

g. __________(v): continue, go ahead, carry out 


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a. assume

b. define

c. involves

d. derived

e. occurred

f. underestimate

g. proceed

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