An increasing number of professionals including doctors and teachers are leaving their own countries to work in developed countries. What problems does this cause? What can be done to deal with this situation?

Essay Type: Problem & Solution Essay

    Many people tend to leave their country to work in countries with better opportunities and this trend keeps increasing every day due to globalization. This poses some issues in many aspects.   

          Firstly, because of these brain drains, economical issues rise in less developed and developing countries. In such countries, different sectors might face difficulties in hiring labours with qualified skills and this will have adverse impacts on the quality of their products which would affect their sales. The more sales companies have, the more taxes they can pay and it means better revenue for the country so lacking qualified labours can cause a lack of revenue for the country itself.  For example, the car manufacturer company Tesla is based in LA where it provides a decent amount of revenue for the state. Another great example would be the film production companies which produce the same effect. Furthermore, this brain drain, particularly in a niche and more advanced jobs such as biomedicine or genetic-engineering, would cause some certain developed countries to be the leading ones in the market. As a consequence, they would dominate the market and would never let the local companies in developing countries to enhance and expand their own market.  

         Although advanced countries benefit from the act of the brain drain to a certain extent, it also affects them negatively. A good example is the high unemployment rates in those countries. As a result of high demand in those countries for employment, many citizens of those nations could have a hard time finding a decent job which is occupied by better-qualified foreigners. In the long term, it could pose some social and political turmoil. 

      In order to solve this worrying problem, the authorities should come up with some urgent solutions. They should detect the main reasons and focus on each one individually. Additionally, they should run campaigns and encourage young adults to stay in their own countries. By creating better working environments and raising salaries, they can reduce the number of people moving abroad. Moreover, It is the governments' responsibility to raise people's awareness and highlight the negative impacts of this migration. In addition, the governments of less-developing

     In conclusion, this is a problem that affects almost all people and it needs to be solved. In my opinion, economically less developed countries should try to reach the people who have already left and they should ask them the reasons behind their immigration and then find a unique solution for each cause.

Approximately 400 words / Written by Özgür B. (IELTS) 

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