Essay Writing Sample 6 - Discuss possible ways to encourage the use of public transport

People tend to use their own vehicles instead of public transports like buses and trains. Discuss possible ways to encourage the use of public transport.


     Unfortunately, one of the problems that have most commonly seen in our country for a long time is traffic congestion. There are several reasons related to this unfortunate situation including cheap public transport and the comfort of driving. However, no matter what the reason behind the problem is an immediate solution should be found. The authorities can encourage their citizens to use public transport in several ways. 

     To begin with, any economic supports by the government for the construction of alternative transport systems and encouraging the public to use these public transportations can most probably eliminate this problem. It is the governments' responsibility to raise funds for construction projects. Furthermore, the condition of many public means of transport deteriorates due to the misuse of some people and the lack of authority attention. Unfortunately, governments do not care and take adequate precautions. Because of the unrespectable behaviours of some citizens,  it would be hard to encourage people to use public means of transport. Therefore, the beauty and comfort of public means of transport should be urgently maintained by authorities. 

     Moreover, the problem can be prevented by organizing seminars. It is undeniably true that the seminars can teach them why and how they should use the transport system. Hence, seminars should be regarded essential to maintain the long-term use of vehicles. If training programs are not arranged, people will keep driving their private cars and they suffer from the traffic jam and keep breathing carbon dioxide. 

     Overall, it would be right to say that raising funds for alternative public transport networks and arranging training programs can reduce the number of people driving cars. I believe that people should be taught the importance of public transport and its impacts on their city.   


Approximately 300 words / Written by Rümeysa (Sabancı Üniversitesi)

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