Essay Sample 67:

Some people enjoy change, and they look forward to new experiences. Others like their lives to stay the same and they do not change their usual habits. Which approach do you prefer? Support your choice by giving specific examples.


Enjoy change:

  • Grabbing new opportunities 
  • Gaining new knowledge and experiences
  • Believe in change
  • Gaining new habits
  • Being open-minded
  • Upgrading their abilities
  • widening their horizon
  • Pick up new skills
  • Adapting to the changing societies
  • Change make people stronger
  • Breaking limits, self-improvement
  • Man needs to grow to gain a better stage in life

Stay the same: 

  • Avoid taking risks  
  • Do not leave their safe and secure places
  • permanent lifestyle


    Majority of people want to have a pre-planned and stable life but it is not possible to keep that all the time as not only you are changing but also life itself is changing. In my opinion, it is wrong and challenging to resist changes in your life. I am not one of those preferring to stay the same. I do believe that everyone needs new experiences. 

    One of the reasons why I prefer to have new experiences in my life is that I feel like that it is in our nature to change. Humankind is something that is growing up both physically and mentally in time and to adapt to these alterations we should make some changes in our lifestyles. To give an example, when I was a child, I used to do ballet and I felt like that ballet was the right dance type for me but as I grew up I realized that I need to do something more fun and active and now I am doing hip hop dance. Ballet and hip hop are totally different types of dances. If I had resisted to this change I would not feel contented with what I would be doing. 

Secondly, it is obvious that life would not be as fun as now without changes. Feeling dull with something that you are doing constantly would affect your mental health adversely. Changing things like your hobbies, study environment or school might be better for you. If you do not feel satisfied with something you are doing, you would probably need a change.  

Finally, It is a fact that new experiences bring knowledge. We can learn many things by having new experiences. You would not know something fully without trying it. New experiences are important for our improvement too. For instance, I would never know why I do not like swimming as a sport if I did not try it. When I tried swimming as a sport I realized that It was not for me and I understood that I need a sport which involves team spirit so trying swimming help me to find a proper sport that is more suitable for my personality. 

All in all, I think everyone should be open to different changes, sometimes trying new things might direct you to something that is more suitable for you. Changes help you to find your real self. We would not have our own opinions or decisions without changes. Changes help us to find our own path.

Approximately 410 words / Written by Dilara (TOEFL)

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