Essay Writing Sample 9 - The benefits and drawbacks of international tourism

International tourism has brought enormous benefit to many places. At the same time, there is concern about its impact on local inhabitants and the environment.  Do the disadvantages of international tourism outweigh the advantages?

Generated ideas: 

Disadvantages for the local societies:

  • The amount of garbage
  • Environmental issues
  • Bringing some negative cultures to the local people
  • The threat of the terrorist attack


  • Creating job opportunities for the local people
  • Decreasing the unemployment rates
  • Bring revenue to the local government in the form of tax
  • Attracting investors in building resorts and hotels in the surrounding areas

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   I am sharing the points above to help you create and generate your own ideas. In the comment section, you can add any points which I have missed.


Essay Type: for and against  

       It is a well-known fact that tourism is an important economic source for many countries. That is why numerous countries' economies depend on tourism. However, the local people living in touristic areas have been divided into two groups in terms of their attitude to tourism. While people who need to earn money demand more tourists the people carrying about their safety and environmental issues have a negative attitude towards tourism. It has been a controversial issue for a long time.

         Supporters of tourism believe that international tourism has many advantages. In other words, they believe that local people can benefit from tourism in many aspects. Firstly, when many tourists start to visit a certain area, more employees in hotels and restaurants are required. More tourists mean new job opportunities. If new job opportunities are created, not only local people can earn more but also unemployment rate will decrease and as a result of this the economy can improve. In addition, touristic places always attract investors. Therefore, the more tourists come, the more investor will be attracted and accordingly, they can construct more new hotels. By building new hotels, they can provide more new job opportunities.

      On the other hand, some people are against tourism as they have some concern. Firstly they believe that the more tourists visit the more environmental issues they face. For instance, the majority of people living in kuşadası complain about the noise pollution created by the hotels there. they also are not happy with the amount of garbage created by tourists. Moreover, local people are afraid of the risk of terrorist attacks. Today, many countries are facing terrorist attacks and they have difficulty in dealing with this issue. A large number of tourists may attract terrorists which is a big danger for local people.

      Briefly, international tourism has both advantages and disadvantages. I believe that international tourism is necessary for the development of a country. If governments take precautions against terrorism and environmental issues, people living in tourist areas can benefit from the opportunities which are created by tourism.

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